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July 16, 2007

beach bums

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I LOVE living on the beach.   It was one of those deal breakers when my husband told me we were moving.  I said, where?  He said, how about my hometown?  I said “AWESOME!!!”

Being a girl who has lived in numerous locations (including a dairy farm in upstate NY, a summer camping retreat-also in upstate NY, and the middle of the suburbs surrounding Detroit, MI) and never once on a BIG lake (ok, so the camping thing in NY had a lake, but it was really more of a reservoir) I immediately said, “OK!”

Now, seeing as my hubby grew up on said BIG lake, he doesn’t find it nearly as fascinating as I do.  If I wasn’t a red head with too many freckles already, I’d be there every day.  So this year, what with the little person and all, I have some how convinced Daddy to take us to the beach more times than he has probably been there in the last 3 years.

Here are some pics from our latest excursion…

img_3109.JPG  Here  we are testing the waters.

img_3107.jpg  A very artistic shot.

img_3108.jpg And one very happy beach baby.

She loves the water almost as much as her mommy.

June 28, 2007

Cooking with Baby

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Mommy and Baby decided to prepare a yummy dinner the other night.  Of course, no dinner is complete without a bit of dessert.  Here’s where baby comes in…


First, you must prepare.  Apron? check. Stool to stand on? check.  Mommy’s shoes? check. Juice? check.

Next, you must make sure you have all the ingredients.  Milk and pudding mix.  Got it.  Stir it all together with a nice big wooden spoon.  (Mommy was busy panicking-glass bowl and all, so sorry no pictures of this one.)


After stirring for what seems an eternity in Toddler Time, you get to check the results.   This may take a few minutes…


I think you missed some…

I’m not quite done yet, Mommy.



And that is how you make chocolate pudding.

June 17, 2007

Happy Father’s Day

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May 28, 2007

weekend at ‘mama’s

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Memorial Day weekend was spent on the farm with Gramma Hume.  Even though Baby R doesn’t see “Mamma” very often, she warmed right up and started chasing the cat all around the house at 9 o’clock at night (WAYYYY past bedtime!)

Saturday she chased the cat some more in this terrifying (if you’re a cat) frankenstein sort of walk/run screaming “kitteeee cat!”  It was hilarious (if you weren’t the cat).

We also went shopping into Davison for a red wagon.  We didn’t get a red wagon, but Daddy took Baby to a bead shop and let her pick out beads for a bracelet for Mommy.  The poor bead shop ladies were terribly confused when Daddy said he wanted to make a bracelet out of all the wonderfully mismatched beads that Baby R had picked out (although, I was quite impressed that most of them were blue, silver, or white, with the exception of one red glass bead, and one very nice brown-stone looking bead).  The ladies kept asking what he wanted to do with all those beads, and he kept saying we’re making a bracelet.  They must have thought the bracelet was FOR the baby instead of FROM the baby.  Oh well, all artists must suffer at some point in their lives, better for our almost 2 year to go through it now when the criticism won’t be remembered.

Sunday morning, we got to visit with all of Mamma’s creatures.  Besides the kittee cat, there are two goat goats, and two horses.  One being a nice dainty quarter horse, and the other a giant belgian draft horse. Baby R watched as Mommy attempted to “hop” onto the big horse (his name’s Eli). Now Mommy isn’t so tall, and even with the help of an upside down muck bucket, there just wasn’t any hopping.  So after a bit of help from Gramma, I finally made it up there.  I got a bit of a pony ride around the pasture and then, when we were all certain Eli was as safe as could be, Baby R hopped up too and got to sit on her very first horse.  Did we get pictures? Of course not!  But she did give him a big ol’ pat and tell him “good big horsey!”

Baby R got back down onto solid ground, and Gramma let Eli loose.  It was breakfast time, so he decided it was time to head back to the barn, with me still on board.  Who knew such a big creature could go so fast!  Eli earned himself a nice big breakfast and some treats (we DID get pictures of that!)

Gramma, Baby and Eli

Baby R also got another ride on Bubba, Gramma’s smaller horse.

Bubba and Baby

She looks so teeny up there!

We also fed the goats some treats with Aunt Stephanie.goats    

more goats

And that was our weekend!

May 20, 2007

high heels

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Here’s one more picture to leave you with over the weekend…

high heels

This is Baby R getting ready for church on Sunday morning.  What a cutie.


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Here’s those bunny pictures I promised everyone.

This is Snickelfritz.  She is a Chinchilla Rabbit.


This is Baby R with Fritz.

Baby and bunny

As you can see, the bunny is half the size of the baby.  And no making fun of her fat rolls, they’re supposed to be there.

This particular pet actually spends most of her time with Mommy at school.  She is very friendly and puts up with a lot of noise, petting, poking, and crayons from the school kids.  So she’s mostly baby-proof.

February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Daddy Rimes finally got off his duff to put together a quick movie for Valentine’s Day. Yes, the editing is sophomoric, and my first attempt at making a slide show movie may be lacking, but it’s made with love…lots of love :)

Happy Valentine’s Day Mommy & Baby Rimes, I love you both!

November 2, 2006

Halloween Pictures

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After Mommy Rimes’ not so subtle attempt to suggest I haven’t been doing my job lately, here are a few Halloween photos for everyone to enjoy. It’s really not that I haven’t been doing my job, I’ve just been really busy doing the job I get paid for, followed closely by the job I wish I got paid for, and then performing the job I love the best (being Dad). So, without further ado, here are pictures for you to enjoy. More photo albums coming for the main site soon! (I promise)

Here you go! Trick or Treat! Itch this hat does!

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May 13, 2006

New Pictures!

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At long last, we now have new pictures of our little troublemaker.

Check out our web album.


January 2, 2006


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So I’ve been slow about it (practically stagnant), but there are finally new pictures up of the baby. Just follow the link to the Web Albums, and check them out. Feel free to pester me about new photos in the next few months as Baby Rimes is approaching the all important 6 month mark. She’s actually pretty photogenic, so it’s just a matter of me getting off my duff and getting the pictures up. See if you can guess which shot was her favorite.