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May 31, 2007

diaper baby!

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Is this normal?

Our almost 2 year old has decided that she shouldn’t wear diapers anymore.  Or any clothes for that matter, with the exception of socks.

And if she’s not wearing any clothes, neither should any of her dolls.  Her Cabbage Patch doll has been naked for nearly 3 days and refuses to wear pants. Baby R has even figured out how to use the diaper wipes and Butt Paste on said doll, but absolutely refuses to re-diaper her.

So anyway, between the naked doll butts and the real baby butts around here, it’s been quite the week. Now, if only I could have the patience to train her to use the big girl potty while her little naked tushy is hanging out, it might save me some extra cleaning (thank goodness for tile/hardwood floors!)

and no, there are no naked butt pictures to show you today. 

May 28, 2007

weekend at ‘mama’s

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Memorial Day weekend was spent on the farm with Gramma Hume.  Even though Baby R doesn’t see “Mamma” very often, she warmed right up and started chasing the cat all around the house at 9 o’clock at night (WAYYYY past bedtime!)

Saturday she chased the cat some more in this terrifying (if you’re a cat) frankenstein sort of walk/run screaming “kitteeee cat!”  It was hilarious (if you weren’t the cat).

We also went shopping into Davison for a red wagon.  We didn’t get a red wagon, but Daddy took Baby to a bead shop and let her pick out beads for a bracelet for Mommy.  The poor bead shop ladies were terribly confused when Daddy said he wanted to make a bracelet out of all the wonderfully mismatched beads that Baby R had picked out (although, I was quite impressed that most of them were blue, silver, or white, with the exception of one red glass bead, and one very nice brown-stone looking bead).  The ladies kept asking what he wanted to do with all those beads, and he kept saying we’re making a bracelet.  They must have thought the bracelet was FOR the baby instead of FROM the baby.  Oh well, all artists must suffer at some point in their lives, better for our almost 2 year to go through it now when the criticism won’t be remembered.

Sunday morning, we got to visit with all of Mamma’s creatures.  Besides the kittee cat, there are two goat goats, and two horses.  One being a nice dainty quarter horse, and the other a giant belgian draft horse. Baby R watched as Mommy attempted to “hop” onto the big horse (his name’s Eli). Now Mommy isn’t so tall, and even with the help of an upside down muck bucket, there just wasn’t any hopping.  So after a bit of help from Gramma, I finally made it up there.  I got a bit of a pony ride around the pasture and then, when we were all certain Eli was as safe as could be, Baby R hopped up too and got to sit on her very first horse.  Did we get pictures? Of course not!  But she did give him a big ol’ pat and tell him “good big horsey!”

Baby R got back down onto solid ground, and Gramma let Eli loose.  It was breakfast time, so he decided it was time to head back to the barn, with me still on board.  Who knew such a big creature could go so fast!  Eli earned himself a nice big breakfast and some treats (we DID get pictures of that!)

Gramma, Baby and Eli

Baby R also got another ride on Bubba, Gramma’s smaller horse.

Bubba and Baby

She looks so teeny up there!

We also fed the goats some treats with Aunt Stephanie.goats    

more goats

And that was our weekend!

May 20, 2007

high heels

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Here’s one more picture to leave you with over the weekend…

high heels

This is Baby R getting ready for church on Sunday morning.  What a cutie.


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Here’s those bunny pictures I promised everyone.

This is Snickelfritz.  She is a Chinchilla Rabbit.


This is Baby R with Fritz.

Baby and bunny

As you can see, the bunny is half the size of the baby.  And no making fun of her fat rolls, they’re supposed to be there.

This particular pet actually spends most of her time with Mommy at school.  She is very friendly and puts up with a lot of noise, petting, poking, and crayons from the school kids.  So she’s mostly baby-proof.

May 16, 2007


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Bunny and Baby have made friends again (I totally forgot to get pictures, but I will next time, I promise!). They hopped around the yard with Baby R screaming “B-B-B-Munny!” and trying to catch her itty bitty bunny tail. The poor thing (bunny, not baby) was caught twice. But with one swift flick of her little bunny nose, Baby R was off and running in the other direction. Those little bunny teeth are somewhat of a problem and scare her easily, even though Fritz doesn’t really bite. But it’s a good defense mechanism, and one that I’m not ready to stop yet in order to let Fritz keep her sanity.

And before you all go “Awww how cute!” on me, I should probably remind those of you who haven’t met Snickelfritz (that’s the bunny) that she’s really more of a house cat sized bunny. In fact, she’s bigger than my last house cat. She’s a very significant, baby proof 10+ pounds of fat gray bunny.

Now you all really do want pictures. Ok, this weekend I will have pictures of the bunny with a baby for reference to her size (the bunny’s not the baby’s).

May 13, 2007

mommy day!

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I had a lovely mommy’s day today. It started with sleeping in while Little One played quietly in her crib. When she got a little loud at 6:30, we figured it was time to get up anyway (yes, that’s sleeping in). Daddy and Baby made me fluffy scrambled eggs and home made toast (molasses bread made in the bread machine the day before).
Then the traditional opening of cards and whatnot. Little One’s card was a beautiful pink construction paper number with her not-so-little tootsies inside. Daddy’s was a very sweet kitty (boynton) card, which Little One helped color. I also got to open a very cool yarn-tainer with ghirardellis inside. The perfect present, a container for my yarn (with a whole in top for the yarn to stay tangle free while knitting) and chocolate. Hooray for Mother’s Day!

The rest of the day went just as wonderfully. I was able to garden and use my new machete (another slightly mother’s day gift) to tackle the back garden with all the ivy in it. The Green Monster is behind our garage, so anyone needing practice, come on over.

Then it was dinner at gramma’s with great grandmother as well. Yummy yummy roast and potatoes and grilled shrimp. Plus, with all the grandmother type people running around, I even got to use my new yarn-tainer to work on another sock.

All in all, it was a nice Sunday with not too much mush, and the perfect amount of family and kisses.

PS. Happy Mother’s Day to my mommy as well. I’m sure she spend the day in horse heaven with her friends.

May 5, 2007


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This past January, I made the same resolution everyone else in North America makes, eat less, get skinny, run a lot. Only I added this totally wacky part about having to finish a 5k race.
The good news is I have accomplished my goal and I may now rest. And a long and rewarding rest it will be. This morning I finished my very first (and maybe last) 5k, and I wasn’t LAST! That’s the best part.

Daddy and Baby were there to cheer me on at the start and there for my last ditch effort of making it to the finish line. I didn’t win any awards, but I’m so gosh darn proud of myself for having finished and not passing out somewhere around the 1 mile mark.

Daddy and Baby brought me some fabulous good luck snap dragons before the race. Aren’t they sweet? Then, after the race, Daddy let Mommy take a well deserved nap on the couch while Baby did her afternoon nap thing. My legs still hurt though. I don’t think that kind of pain will easily be forgotten.

So now, I just have to work on those first two resolutions…

May 2, 2007

yeah toast!

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what did we have for breakfast?


If you’ve never heard Heywood Banks, you should probably take a second to enjoy the wonderment that is the toast song. That’s what we sing every morning, or at least hum quietly, as Baby Rimes licks the butter off her toast. She LOVES toast.