Baby Rimes

July 16, 2007

beach bums

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I LOVE living on the beach.   It was one of those deal breakers when my husband told me we were moving.  I said, where?  He said, how about my hometown?  I said “AWESOME!!!”

Being a girl who has lived in numerous locations (including a dairy farm in upstate NY, a summer camping retreat-also in upstate NY, and the middle of the suburbs surrounding Detroit, MI) and never once on a BIG lake (ok, so the camping thing in NY had a lake, but it was really more of a reservoir) I immediately said, “OK!”

Now, seeing as my hubby grew up on said BIG lake, he doesn’t find it nearly as fascinating as I do.  If I wasn’t a red head with too many freckles already, I’d be there every day.  So this year, what with the little person and all, I have some how convinced Daddy to take us to the beach more times than he has probably been there in the last 3 years.

Here are some pics from our latest excursion…

img_3109.JPG  Here  we are testing the waters.

img_3107.jpg  A very artistic shot.

img_3108.jpg And one very happy beach baby.

She loves the water almost as much as her mommy.

July 12, 2007

Pay it Forward

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One of the blogs I read is Art/Quilts. Yesterday she posted an interesting little bit about the first 3 commenters getting a little handmade something or other as long as they post the same deal on their blog for their readers.

So here it is. For the first 3 comments to this post, I will send you a little home made something. I’m going to leave the “something” part up to your imagination and surprise you with it. The only stipulation is that you post the same thing on your website.

Don’t you just love getting surprises in the mail? Leave me a comment and your email address and I’ll contact you to get your mailing information. Oh, and leave a link for your site so I can visit.

EDIT: Ok, so seriously, the only person who commented was Rhonda to get my address.  No one wants any cool home made goodies?  You could get a quilt, a batch of cookies, some yummy bread, a beanie chicken…ANYTHING.  I’m thinking I’m a little bummed out here you all.

July 11, 2007

it’s all greek

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there’s this new Greek restaurant two doors down from where Daddy works in the summer.  Daddy has discovered this little place and eats there quite regularly.  So it was only inevitable that he would take Baby R in there on one occasion to check out the afternoon snack options.

And there, behind the glass, was some very lovely pistachio baklava.  They tried it.  They LOVED it.  So now, any time we walk past the greek restaurant, we hear a very loud and very pronounced, “Bak-ah-ah?” And how could you resist such a sweet sounding request?

That kid has eaten more “bak-ah-ah” in the last week, than I’ve eaten in 10 years.  Thank goodness she has the metabolism of a 2 year old.