Baby Rimes

February 21, 2007


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Mr. Bubble has come for a visit to our house.  And he may be in for a long stay.

Daddy and Baby R decided to try out the new bubbles about a week ago for bath time.  Daddy showed Baby how to smoosh the bubbles and make them go flyng everywhere.  That was totally fun!  But then, Daddy tried to get Baby to jump in the tub.  No way, uh uh, not gonna happen! The poor baby cried during her WHOLE bath!  This from the same kid who will come tearing through the house and start ripping off her clothes at the mere mention of bath time.

Fast forward a week.  Daddy tried again.  He had such great memories of Mr. Bubble.  It just had to be the same for his daughter.  They spent a few minutes smooshing bubbles.  Daddy even got Baby to smoosh her own bubbles in her hand.  He got her to smoosh bubbles in the tub. After the first 5 minutes of very worried brow furrowing, she finally got the hang of it, and now asks for “bubbas!” every bath night.

Hooray Mr. Bubble!

February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine’s Day

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Daddy Rimes finally got off his duff to put together a quick movie for Valentine’s Day. Yes, the editing is sophomoric, and my first attempt at making a slide show movie may be lacking, but it’s made with love…lots of love :)

Happy Valentine’s Day Mommy & Baby Rimes, I love you both!

February 5, 2007

Snow Day! Repeated!

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It is simply too cold to go to school today. It’s -4, and with the wind chill, it’s just plain Arctic.  So they canceled school for Monday.  What did Mommy and Daddy do?  They did lots of fun stuff!  Daddy played a lot of video games (mostly Zelda, Rayman’s Rabbid Rabbids, and a little Wii sports) and Mommy did more art.

I had a request asking what kind of crafts have I been up to.  Well, I finished a felted bead necklace last week, along with several quilt squares for my quilt guild swap.  Today, I did a quilt square for myself and cleaned out my “studio.”  I also started a pair of socks (ok, it’s just one right now) with a fabulous self-striping yarn.  I spent most of my day holding it up for Daddy to see the progress and exclaim, “isnt’ that sooo cool?!?!”

I’ll post some pictures later.

Meanwhile, our wonderful angel has been running laps around our house in nothin’ but her sweatshirt since she learned how to take off her pants.