Baby Rimes

October 23, 2006


Category: Adventures in Parenting, Sick Days – Mommy Rimes – 11:20 am

Is that the number of toys Baby had out today? No.  Could it be the number of times she took her books off the shelf? Nope.  The number of minutes she napped?

No, that was the read out on the thermometer on Friday. So after I picked her up from daycare, and gave her some serious lovin’ and some tylenol, we cuddled up for a late afternoon nap.  She was pretty cranky all night, even waking us up around midnight to tell us how grumpy she was.

When we awoke after 7 (a miracle), panicked over why she got up so late, and took another temp reading, she was back to her very normal 98.6 degree self.  What could it be? we thought.  After a couple of hours of pondering, we discovered the solution to why our baby was so warm the night before. One of her wee little molars finally made its appearance. 

Our little baby is growing up and getting her big girl teeth.  At least there aren’t 103 of these left.

January 24, 2006

We’re Sick

Category: Adventures in Parenting, Sick Days – Daddy Rimes – 7:55 am

We’re not sure whether it was Baby Rimes that brought the illness from daycare (currently there are several babies out with various illnesses), or if we shared our germs with her, but we know one thing for sure; we’re all sick. Stuffy noses, labored breathing, cloudy heads, and ringing eardrums are all now daily occurences in the Rimes household. After a trip to the doctor, some steroid injections, and a humidifier Baby Rimes managed to make it through the night only waking up and screaming at the top of her lungs twice. Mommy and I can’t wait until she develops something really nasty.

Hopefully as January comes to an end, the colds will as well.