Baby Rimes

February 14, 2006

Movin’ on up

Category: Baby Steps – Mommy Rimes – 7:01 am

It’s official.  The army crawl is so last week.  Baby Rimes has finally figured out how to coordinate all of her limbs to crawl in a normal baby fashion.  She sometimes gets confused and gets her feet involved, but that is happening fewer and fewer times.

She has also discovered how to pull herself up on just about everything.  She hasn’t mastered getting on her feet, but she is on her knees and getting ready for more.  Last night, while on the phone with Grampa H., Baby Rimes was playing her own game of peek-a-boo with Mommy.  She pulled herself up on the couch, then proceeded to duck her head and pop up with a big scream!  What entertainment!

February 12, 2006


Category: Adventures in Parenting – Daddy Rimes – 6:10 am

I’m not sure why, but it’s always so peaceful watching Mommy Rimes and the baby take naps together. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never been a napper myself and am in awe of people who have the ability to just sleep for an hour without regard for what’s going on around them. Then again, it could just be the simple pleasure of watching both of the girls I love curled up together under the same blanket, faces snuggled against one another as they dream of the beach and warm baby bottles. I love Sunday mornings.

February 6, 2006


Category: Adventures in Parenting, Baby Steps – Mommy Rimes – 6:11 am

We like carrots! In fact, Baby Rimes likes her carrots so much that she was licking her lips for more. Her little tongue would dart out and try to reach up for all the carrot that was left on her face.

Daddy likes carrots too. They go in orange, and come back out orange too :)

February 1, 2006

Happy UnBirthday!

Category: Playtime – Mommy Rimes – 11:56 am

Has it already been 6 months? My how time flies!

Baby Rimes has officially marked half a year of Baby-ness with a celebration of green beans and rice cereal. There were no balloons or fancy cakes, but there was a round of “Happy Birthday” sung.

In a related note, Baby Rimes shares her half birthday with her Uncle Jon’s actual birthday. Happy birthday Uncle Jon!


Category: Adventures in Parenting, Playtime – Mommy Rimes – 11:51 am

Our baby is a bully!  I witnessed our small semi-mobile infant pull herself up to a bigger baby and try to take away a rattle.  She finally wrestled it away from the pigtailed baby only to shake it twice and throw it down onto the floor.  What a meanie! 

Pigtails got up and got the rattle and crawled away as fast as her little knees would take her.  What did our baby do?  Tried as hard as she could to chase the first baby. Fortunately for Pigtails, Baby Rimes doesn’t go too fast, and she got away. 

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