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August 22, 2007

My Daddy-Man and Mom

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So, I made a mistake.  A very cute, huge mistake.  Every now and then, I call my husband “Daddy-man.”  As in, “hey there Daddy-man.”
Guess what 2 year olds do?  Yup.  They are little parrots.  So now, Baby R has taken to calling her daddy, Daddy-Man.  While I find it completely funny (how could it not?) Daddy has other ideas.

“That’s MY Daddy-Man.”  is much worse in his opinion than, “Hi big orange big Daddy.” (which was her last title for Daddy)

Personally, I’m just glad that she started calling me Mom, and I don’t have to go through “Little Mommy” anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, being “Little Mommy” was absolutely adorable for, like, the first 10 times.  Then it just got old.  Fast.

Now we’re onto Mom.  Just Mom.  Only Mom. She was so darn proud of herself when she discovered she could call me Mom, too.  She started with, “Mommy?  Mom?” and when I answered to both, it turned into, “Mommy!  Mom!”   And she was just so slick with that little lip curl that was trying to hide a smile when she thought she was so clever for coming up with my new epithet.

Don’t worry Daddy-Man, your day is coming.  And then you will be Dad and you will miss all those cute names your 2 year old used to call you.

August 13, 2007


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Hooray! I actually finished my Sock Pal’s socks on time (which was about 2 weeks ago).  But, like I said before, I’ve been slow to post lately.

Want to see some socks?



This is a Trekking yarn.  It didn’t really have a name, but I named it “Neopolitan” because it reminded me of ice cream.  It was a hoot to work with.  I thought they were much too big, but then I put them on for the photo shoot and they seemed to be ok.  I sure hope they fit my sock pal!  Molly, I hope you are enjoying your socks.

These are only my second pair of completed socks, and I do think I’m getting much better at this whole sock thing.  Plus, I’m getting a little faster.  These only took me just over 2 months to finish.   I loved how they came out not matching with the stripes.  I don’t know why, but I just love when homemade socks are similar, but not quite match.

My sock pal sent me the most beautiful pair of socks.  They are simply delightful, thank you!  I ended up sick the week I got them, and I wore them all around while my fever was raging and my toes were freezing.  I haven’t gotten any action shots of my socks yet, but you can visit the to check out my socks. Thanks Jennie!  I really have to learn how to cable!

happy belated birthday

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ok, it’s really late.  I know.  I’m sorry.  I will try and play catch up with the blog in the next few days.

First!  Let’s talk cake!


Our little munchkin has turned 2!  With much fanfare and pink cupcakes, we had a little party that included a lot of play-doh, kitchen and accessories, and a green big wheel.

And now that she’s 2, she is officially “terrible.”  Ok, not really, she just won’t stop talking!  It’s constant!  And she likes to call everyone big, or little.  “Little Mommy, need applejuice!”  “Big Daddy come back.”  And so on.  It was seriously cute at first, but now, I’d really like to be just Mommy again.  Oh well.  I should remember these moments because one day soon I will just be that lady that lives at home and makes dinner.  Love the little people.