Baby Rimes

January 29, 2006

Green Beans

Category: Adventures in Parenting – Mommy Rimes – 2:38 pm

We are now on day 3 of green beans.  Hooray! We almost like the green beans.  It is still not rice cereal, but it is MUCH better than sweet potatoes.

Crawlin’ Crawlin’ Crawlin’

Category: Baby Steps – Mommy Rimes – 2:35 pm

Keep those babies crawlin…

She has been a crawling monster. We finally got the baby gate up between the kitchen and the rest of Baby Rimes’ world. Now she stares at us from the other side of the gate while we make dinner with sad pathetic eyes. Needless to say, she has forced us to baby proof the living room and her room much sooner than we thought we would.

But she is the cutest thing on four legs, so we forgive her.

January 24, 2006


Category: Baby Steps – Mommy Rimes – 3:53 pm

There is nothing cuter than an itty bitty little person getting up on all 4’s and just rocking back and forth. Baby Rimes has gotten very good at this little trick and has taken to flinging herself forward on about the 12th rock. She hasn’t quite managed to get her hands out of her way, so she inevitably falls on her nose.
I know she’ll get it eventually.

We’re Sick

Category: Adventures in Parenting, Sick Days – Daddy Rimes – 7:55 am

We’re not sure whether it was Baby Rimes that brought the illness from daycare (currently there are several babies out with various illnesses), or if we shared our germs with her, but we know one thing for sure; we’re all sick. Stuffy noses, labored breathing, cloudy heads, and ringing eardrums are all now daily occurences in the Rimes household. After a trip to the doctor, some steroid injections, and a humidifier Baby Rimes managed to make it through the night only waking up and screaming at the top of her lungs twice. Mommy and I can’t wait until she develops something really nasty.

Hopefully as January comes to an end, the colds will as well.

January 17, 2006


Category: Adventures in Parenting, Baby Steps – Mommy Rimes – 12:37 pm

We have begun the arduous task of feeding our child “real” food. She has already been doing a great job with her Rice Cereal. In fact, she likes it so much, she puts it in her hair, behind her ears, on her high chair, and between her toes.

The latest addition to her menu has been the sweet potato. We mashed it all up, blended it, mixed it with milk, and spooned it up. The first time we tried it, it went right in. However, she was howling for food, and anything in the mouth was better than nothing. After 5 bites, she caught on and refused to eat until she had a bottle of warm milk.
Another attempt last night brought slightly better results after Mommy and Daddy found a trick. Mixing sweet potato and cereal is much yummier than sweet potato alone. MMMMmmmmMMMM.


Category: Baby Steps – Mommy Rimes – 12:32 pm

So, I put the little tyke on the floor of her room to get some of my own work done. I leave Baby in the middle of the floor contentedly playing with her plastic rings and spinning in circles (which she has gotten very good at). When I come back a few short minutes later, what do I find? I find that half her books are on the floor and there is one very happy 5 month old reading “Peekaboo Bunny.” With those big blue eyes she looks up at me and telapathically tells me, “I just wanted to read, Mommy.”

And then, last night, Daddy rushes into the kitchen, “You’ve got to see this!”
I follow him back to her room, and there she is, Army crawling across her room. If she had some fatigues and some mud, she would be a Private First Class already.


January 2, 2006


Category: Pictures – Daddy Rimes – 5:37 pm

So I’ve been slow about it (practically stagnant), but there are finally new pictures up of the baby. Just follow the link to the Web Albums, and check them out. Feel free to pester me about new photos in the next few months as Baby Rimes is approaching the all important 6 month mark. She’s actually pretty photogenic, so it’s just a matter of me getting off my duff and getting the pictures up. See if you can guess which shot was her favorite.