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March 27, 2007

center of the universe

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I realized the other day that this little person of mine has become the center of the universe for me.  Before her, I was the typical artist type person.  I would start working on a project before dinner, eat a sandwich when I was hungry, then go back to my art.  I could do this until fairly late in the evening.  Then, early the next morning (ok, not too early) I would get right back into it.  I could put out several projects a week if I was truly inspired.

But now, OOOOooooOOOoh no!  I’m lucky if I get one project done a MONTH.  And even then, most are left unfinished or are a sorry excuse for a true art project.  How could that be? you ask, Mommy Rimes, you are an art teacher, and you are always sewing up something interesting.  Well, let me tell you, I’ve been working on knitting a pair of socks since November.  Know how far I’ve gotten?  I’ve managed to get one sock ALMOST done, as of today.  I still have to knit the toe part.  Yup, 5 months to make ONE SOCK.  If I lived a hundred years ago, my family would have some pretty cold toes.

But, what about your quilts? you ask, that’s what you really dig.  I have two completely unfinished quilts sitting next to my sewing machine right now, and one that is all bagged up still from moving over the summer.  I finally had to give in and do a simple charm square quilt just to get the creativity out of my system.  Have I bound it yet? Nope, it’s still sitting there. 

Ahh, but what I lack in art time, I make up for in toddler time.  She is the bright and shining sun in my day, and her daddy and I just rotate around her.  And one day, she will turn into a teenager and disappear from the heavens to a new solar system with new planets/friends, so I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.  When that day happens, you better watch out art world.  Because that’s the day I will get back into this art business.

March 26, 2007


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Mommy and Daddy will definitely have to watch what they say from here on out.  We have a Baby Repeater on our hands.  A couple of weeks ago, it was body parts; “This is your elbow.” “Ehbow!”  But now, it’s just about anything that we end our sentences with, such as,

“how was your day?”


“drink your milk.”


(daddy’s favorite) “you’ve got boogers!”


Oh yes, I can see the day when our little darling tells some adult at church or her babysitter what Mommy and Daddy were discussing the night before.  From how our day went at school, to the names of all the naughty children we talk about (in a positive, how would you handle this situation, way, of course), to to the exact way Mommy pronunciates “you dummy” any time someone can’t figure out how to hang up their phone and drive.

So, if you are ever within earshot of our little echo, please remember to watch what you say and only say those things you want repeated in polite company.

March 18, 2007

almost spring

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It’s been getting closer and closer to spring, and we’ve been watching the crocuses and tulips sprouting.  During a warm spell last week (it was 73!) Baby and Mommy took a long walk to look at all the little green things sticking up out of the ground.  There are cute little patches around our backyard of spring-y joys.  After so much snow and cold the last little bit of winter, we are truly enjoying the sunshine and green that has at last come back to Michigan.

Meanwhile, in other news, our little linguist has a few new words to add to her vocabulary.  Among them, are “oap,” “baaa,” and “ehhbow.”  Roughly translated, in order, these are soap, bath, and elbow.  It’s so amazing what she can communicate with so few words.  But she does pretty well with the sign language and body movements as well.