Baby Rimes

August 15, 2006

california dreamin’

Category: PARTY!, Playtime – Mommy Rimes – 8:32 pm

While Daddy was off galavanting in California, Mommy and Baby spent a LOOOOONG weekend together, alone.  While Daddy was flying to Atlanta by way of Chattanooga to avoid the hail and thunderstorms, Baby and Mommy were peeling wallpaper and eating blueberry crumble.  When Daddy was touring Napa and it’s independant bookstores, Mommy and Baby were at the Farmer’s Market buying sunflowers and black-eyed susans, while eating blueberries.  When Daddy was at Jelly Belly buying 8 pounds of irregular Belly Flop beans, Mommy and Baby were taking a nap and dreaming about blueberry muffins. And when Daddy was watching his friend Drew get married and dancing and eating really good food, Mommy and Baby were eating blueberry pie with ice cream with the grandparents.

Needless to say, Daddy had a great weekend, despite spending more time in airports and on the plane than in California. And, Mommy and Baby had a very blue weekend together waiting for Daddy to come back home and share some of the jelly beans.

Oh! and a special thanks to Nicole for the cutest baby hat ever!  Thanks for thinking of us!

August 6, 2006

happy birthday!

Category: PARTY!, Playtime – Mommy Rimes – 8:31 pm

The big day has come and gone. And come and gone again. Our little munchkin’s birthday was celebrated the first time around without much fanfare, but with a colorful new rug to cover her hardwood floor. But the second time around was much more fun. We had pink and white cupcakes with blueberries and strawberries. We had balloons. We had grilled animal flesh and lots of salads to munch. And best of all, we had lots of family and friends.

The best part of the birthday festivities was, of course, the cake eating. Our little trooper did it in high form, delicately picking off the blueberries and eating them until she realized what was underneath. Then, she dove in with reckless abandon, forgoing the use of hands because they merely got in the way, and stuck her face right down into the frosting and took a large chunck of cupcake and smiled as she chewed the gooey mess.

For those of you not in attendence, I promise pictures of this hilarious event as soon as possible. However, due to unforseen circumstances, we are without our home internet connection at the moment. As soon as the cable company (or phone company, whichever provides us with the best quote) can make it to our new abode, we will update the pictures section of Baby Rimes’ site. Thank you for your patience.