Baby Rimes

April 30, 2007


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The Rimes family took advantage of the glorious weekend weather to do some gardening. Even Baby Rimes helped. Mommy showed her what to pull up and off she went. Tearing out everything that had a green leaf on it (so much for those day lilies). Plus we pulled out even MORE ivy from around the house. Baby Rimes is a little bummed about that, because she likes to tromp through the piles of ivy leaves and jump off the raised bed where the ivy has taken over. Her play area is slowly dwindling.

Baby Rimes also helped Mommy and Daddy with the big garden. Our neighbors have given us the go ahead to use a little of their space for a veggie garden. It’s the only 5 feet of space that gets sun besides the back porch. So, we’ll be planting a little fruit and veggie garden and teaching Little One how to pick tomatoes - I’m sure she’ll be an expert in no time. So far, the peppers I planted indoors have come up and are surviving. The tomatoes and chives didn’t really make it, nor did the rosemary. But the Marjoram might just make a comeback. Then I get to start the cucumbers and watermelon this month!

In other news, Mommy has signed on to Sockapalooza 4

Now, if I can just get that first pair of socks done…

April 5, 2007

verbose part 2

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mini sentences are now spewing from our child’s lips.

“eat nanna”
“bye bye dec-an”
“moe moohk” (more milk)
“get down wahhk”
“”nie nie mommy wuv yuu”

I know, you’re all thinking, how cUUUUUUUte! but mommy and daddy are thinking, aww rats! those crazy words that mommy and daddy use when little people aren’t around, are now going to have to be put into a suitcase and packed into the attic to be brought out in 15 years. double rats. with cats.

April 2, 2007


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overnight, our daughter has turned into a linguist. That’s how it always seems to work. One day, she’s just laying around, goo-ing and ahh-ing, and then she’s up running around and speaking coherent thoughts.
This weekend, we discovered the use of 2 words together for more meaning.

For example; “bye bye minnie” (she has a mickey and minnie doll that live in the car for car rides only).
“papa hiding” (grampa was not coming when she called him, so obviously, he was hiding).
“eat nack” (pretty self explanatory-nack=snack)

it’s simply amazing that last week, it was one word demands, but this week, the wheels are definitely turning and you can see her trying to put together her thoughts. And even better, she is trying her darndest to communicate those ideas. wow.