Baby Rimes

July 28, 2006


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Baby Rimes is truly enjoying the packing process.  She gets in boxes and scoots around. Topples them over and hides toys in them.  She even helps us pack now and then - that must be where the remote went to. But, she is absolutely the best at unpacking. Mommy and Daddy tried packing Ella’s things for almost an hour yesterday, while she dutifully unpacked all of her things and put them back where they belonged.  Ok, not everything went back to where it actually belonged, because she got the idea that she was funny, and just started flinging her clothes over her shoulder and smiling and saying, “uh-oh!”

Ahhh, I can’t wait to let her help us unpack.

July 18, 2006

Almost 1!

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We are only 2 weeks away from the very first birthday! Mommy and Daddy have been planning a birthday party, however, with Baby’s birthday present being a brand new house, the party planning has been a little slow. Baby (Almost Toddler) Rimes will be celebrating her first birthday at her new residence.  If you are in the area, stop on by, you don’t have to bring a present, but if you bring some blueberries, she’ll be your friend forever!

July 15, 2006


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Baby (almost Toddler!) Rimes LOVES blueberries.  She picks them from gramma’s bushes and shoves them in her mouth so fast her hands are a little blue and pink blur.  When we go shopping, she sees the blueberries and makes a grab for them.  She will spend an hour trying to figure out how to get into a blueberry container.  When you get them out, she gets so excited she shakes all over.

She will not share them.  She will not smash them.  She does not throw them.  They are the perfect food.

So, if anyone wants to know what to get our little munchkin for her birthday, perhaps a blueberry bush would be the perfect gift.