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November 19, 2007

Fall Roundup

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This weekend, while taking care of the kitchen disaster, we also managed to do some yard work. It was necessary. The grass hadn’t been mowed since sometime in August and was threatening to take over the house in a fit of jungle fever. Plus, it made it that much harder to rake leaves.


Of course, all those leaves meant that the mower wasn’t getting very far.

Back to raking first.

Miss R had a splendid time. She would diligently rake a small pile of leaves (about 4 leaves) into a small pile, then drop the rake and run like mad for Mommy’s pile of leaves. After the first few times of this and thinking, “awwww, so cute!” I came to realize what an AWFUL mess she was making of my pile!


We tried a different tactic. Help Mommy get the leaves on the tarp to drag them into the street. She loved pulling the tarp. But before we could dump it, she had to jump in the leaves again. More raking and more dragging, and they were finally at the curb.


What a lovely diversion from painting the kitchen.

Plus Miss R slept like a log, so when we did get back to the kitchen to paint, we had 2 uninterrupted hours to paint like crazy mad monkeys with paintbrushes. Only a little neater.

November 11, 2007

Weekend Away

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Mommy and Gramma spent this weekend in Chicago, at a very nice Quilt Show.

So while we were away, Daddy and Miss R had the house to themselves.  What did they do you ask?  Well, a little of this, some of that, and a whole bunch of this.

Sorry there aren’t any pictures, but they were so gosh darn busy playing that they forgot to stop long enough to take any.  What a wonderful weekend.

PS. More on the quilt show as soon as I recover enough to get the pictures up and running. 

November 4, 2007

nothin’ says lovin’ like cookies from the oven

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In honor of the leaves finally turning colors and falling from the trees, Miss R and I made some cookies.

They are sugar cookies and Miss R decided on cats and leaves for our shapes.Of course, before you can eat them, you have to roll them out.cookies-2.JPG

And everyone knows, that if you are rolling out cookies, there is A LOT of flour involved. A LOT.

After the rolling, you have to pat all the dough to make sure it is good and ready for the cookie cutters.


Did I mention the flour? Yeah. Oh, and please excuse the blue painters tape all over the cabinet. It was the only way to keep 2 year old fingers from the freshly painted dining room. (It’s Pumpkin Toast, in case you’re wondering).

When you are all done, you eat the cookies. And well, if you eat all the cookies, there’s nothing left to take a picture of.

(Have I mentioned this is Miss R’s favorite sweater?  Yeah, so you may see a lot of it.)

November 3, 2007


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At 7 am this morning, I was just waking up. Daddy and Miss R let me sleep in this morning. As I was laying in bed trying to adjust to the fact that I was in fact awake and not able to go back to sleep, my darling daughter smashes her way into the room. She comes running around to the bed and climbs on up. Imagine my surprise when this is what I find crawling into bed with me.


*disclaimer: I do not sleep with my camera, so this photo was actually taken after I had managed to get out of bed.

What are those things on her legs, you ask? Well, those are a part of this…


A giant foam puzzle of the alphabet and numbers. You’ll notice the E laying out. That’s Miss R’s favorite letter.

*another disclaimer: no foamie ABCs were harmed in this morning’s escapade.

Isn’t she just so funny? She thinks so. “I funny!” HAHAHAHA

Yup, that’s what she said.puzzle-ella-2.JPG

November 2, 2007

Boo! EEK!

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So Halloween has come and gone. One of my most beloved holidays. What other time of year is it acceptable to wear what would normally be considered incredibly strange?


Miss R did do the costume thing at day care, however, when it came to Trick or Treating, she just wasn’t that into it. So we sat on the porch and handed out candy to all the cute costumes. She was not about to give candy to anybody scary, so Mommy took care of that.

We had quite the assortment of trick or treaters, and it was a lovely night. Daddy carved some pumpkins (they’re famous pumpkins, check out Kotaku-look for Pac-Man) that the high school kids stopped and admired.

And last but not least, here is our darling candy queen doing her best to practice for

next year


November 1, 2007

I am a Beautiful Butterfly!

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Our little Baby R has transformed into a charming butterfly. Yesterday, while Daddy was working, we crafted. She helped me bend the wires of these wings. Then, while she slept, I put on the hose and dolled them up a bit.


They were quite simple to make. Two wire hangers-cuz you just don’t use them anyway. A roll of duct tape, and some fancy schmancy stocking toes. I also used some fuzzy eyelash yarn, a fabric marker, and some sequins.

Bend the wire hangers to your satisfaction, straighten out the hanger part and tape together. I used a lot of tape, I didn’t want any pokey parts sticking Miss R in the back during play time.

Put your stockings on there. I hot glued mine to stay put.

Then the decorating begins. I used fabric markers to decorate some veins and whatnot. Plus some sequins, because, if you are going to dress up as a butterfly or a fairy, you just gotta have something shiny.

To cover that big ol’ mess in the middle with the duct tape, you have several options. I used yarn and a crochet hook to cover the butterfly wings, and used some flowers and ribbon on the big fairy wings. Just don’t forget to put the ties on first. For Miss R’s wings, I went with some organza ribbon and just taped it to the middle, then crocheted the yarn over it to hold it in place. On the big fairy wings, it was covered with tulle and flowers. These were all hot glued in place.wings-2.jpg

Ta Da! Now you can fly to your next party and be the fairy nymph/emerging butterfly!

I’ll show ya pictures of us in costume on Halloween later today when I can get them on the computer.

October 7, 2007

Apple Time!

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Last weekend, miss R, Gramma, and Mommy went out to the apple orchard to pick some apples. I have the most beautiful shots of a cute little blue eyed blonde picking apples, but they are on Gramma’s camera, and I, being the computer illiterate person I am, cannot figure out how to get them to this computer. So, you’ll just have to imagine the cute pictures of a rosy cheeked little girl picking rosy apples.

After picking a 1/2 bushel of apples and splitting them with Gramma, we still had enough apples to make these.


That is an apple crumble pie followed by a few of our remaining jars of apple sauce. The pie turned out great. Little Miss R helped stir the apples and mix up the crumble topping. What a good helper.

After spending an ENTIRE morning peeling, coring, slicing, and cooking 15 lbs. of apples, I spent another ENTIRE afternoon learning how to can. I ended up with 11 jars of apple sauce. After one week, we have only 8 jars left. I’m going to have to make some more applesauce to keep us through the long winter.

You’ll also notice one of my favorite cook books. It’s the Blue Ribbon Country Cookbook. If you want some serious down home, full of fat cooking, this is the book for you.

September 17, 2007

Feeding the Giraffes

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You just got to love the Binder Park Zoo. Not only is it a zoo and you get to see all the monkeys you can handle, but you can also feed the giraffes.

Yes, you heard me, feed the giraffes.


Just look at that tongue!


That’s a giraffe cracker, specially made for giraffes.  So please don’t feed them regular grahams.  Even if you have one with you.  Please.


How can you resist that face?

Thanks to Elijah for bringing his parents along to keep us all company.  We had a great time at the zoo!

May 28, 2007

weekend at ‘mama’s

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Memorial Day weekend was spent on the farm with Gramma Hume.  Even though Baby R doesn’t see “Mamma” very often, she warmed right up and started chasing the cat all around the house at 9 o’clock at night (WAYYYY past bedtime!)

Saturday she chased the cat some more in this terrifying (if you’re a cat) frankenstein sort of walk/run screaming “kitteeee cat!”  It was hilarious (if you weren’t the cat).

We also went shopping into Davison for a red wagon.  We didn’t get a red wagon, but Daddy took Baby to a bead shop and let her pick out beads for a bracelet for Mommy.  The poor bead shop ladies were terribly confused when Daddy said he wanted to make a bracelet out of all the wonderfully mismatched beads that Baby R had picked out (although, I was quite impressed that most of them were blue, silver, or white, with the exception of one red glass bead, and one very nice brown-stone looking bead).  The ladies kept asking what he wanted to do with all those beads, and he kept saying we’re making a bracelet.  They must have thought the bracelet was FOR the baby instead of FROM the baby.  Oh well, all artists must suffer at some point in their lives, better for our almost 2 year to go through it now when the criticism won’t be remembered.

Sunday morning, we got to visit with all of Mamma’s creatures.  Besides the kittee cat, there are two goat goats, and two horses.  One being a nice dainty quarter horse, and the other a giant belgian draft horse. Baby R watched as Mommy attempted to “hop” onto the big horse (his name’s Eli). Now Mommy isn’t so tall, and even with the help of an upside down muck bucket, there just wasn’t any hopping.  So after a bit of help from Gramma, I finally made it up there.  I got a bit of a pony ride around the pasture and then, when we were all certain Eli was as safe as could be, Baby R hopped up too and got to sit on her very first horse.  Did we get pictures? Of course not!  But she did give him a big ol’ pat and tell him “good big horsey!”

Baby R got back down onto solid ground, and Gramma let Eli loose.  It was breakfast time, so he decided it was time to head back to the barn, with me still on board.  Who knew such a big creature could go so fast!  Eli earned himself a nice big breakfast and some treats (we DID get pictures of that!)

Gramma, Baby and Eli

Baby R also got another ride on Bubba, Gramma’s smaller horse.

Bubba and Baby

She looks so teeny up there!

We also fed the goats some treats with Aunt Stephanie.goats    

more goats

And that was our weekend!

February 21, 2007


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Mr. Bubble has come for a visit to our house.  And he may be in for a long stay.

Daddy and Baby R decided to try out the new bubbles about a week ago for bath time.  Daddy showed Baby how to smoosh the bubbles and make them go flyng everywhere.  That was totally fun!  But then, Daddy tried to get Baby to jump in the tub.  No way, uh uh, not gonna happen! The poor baby cried during her WHOLE bath!  This from the same kid who will come tearing through the house and start ripping off her clothes at the mere mention of bath time.

Fast forward a week.  Daddy tried again.  He had such great memories of Mr. Bubble.  It just had to be the same for his daughter.  They spent a few minutes smooshing bubbles.  Daddy even got Baby to smoosh her own bubbles in her hand.  He got her to smoosh bubbles in the tub. After the first 5 minutes of very worried brow furrowing, she finally got the hang of it, and now asks for “bubbas!” every bath night.

Hooray Mr. Bubble!