Baby Rimes

December 19, 2006

Christmas Baby

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Here’s a post just for Nicole.
We do have a Christmas tree this year. We wrapped up our little ornament stealer and trudged out to a tree farm with Aunt Sara and Uncle Paul. She was such a trooper. Even the cold hands weren’t enough to stop her from checking out all the mud puddles between the trees. She even got to wear her new purple boots.
Mommy and Daddy finally chose a beautiful white fir tree. It had nice fluffy branches, wasn’t too scratchy, and so full that we wouldn’t need any ornaments for little fingers to break.
We brought the tree home and it was then that we realized we had chosen an 9′ tree with a 5′ span. That would never fit in our tiny living room.
So what to do with the perfect tree? Screw the tree stand into our kitchen porch and put up our tree outside. Crisis averted and ornament problem solved.
We now enjoy our first live tree as a family from the warmth of our living room.

Pictures will follow as soon as Mommy can find the camera cord to plug it into the computer.

December 15, 2006


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“What’s on the cereal box?”
“Who’s that in the book?”
“Who’s on the Huggies box?”

Yes, that’s our word of the week. Daddy took our own baby to the grocery store last weekend and they got stopped up in the baby aisle. Our little munchkin took her sweet time walking down that particular aisle pointing out EVERY SINGLE BABY on the shelves.

It’s a good thing Daddy has such a good sense of humor. There must have been at least 100 babies on those shelves. Now, I’m not sure she got every one of them, but I’m sure she will next week.