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November 18, 2007

More Kitchen Adventures

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According to the calendar, we have 4 days until Thanksgiving. That’s 96 hours, and if you subtract sleeping time, and at-work time that leaves us with 48 usable hours to make our kitchen presentable before we have guests over. ugh.

This weekend we are feverishly finishing the trim, painting the fireplace, hanging curtains, photos and new lamps.

On top of all this, we still need to do the cleaning, shopping, cooking, and other pre-holiday activities.

Did I mention that we don’t actually have curtains or lamps yet?  yeah, so we still need to go get them.  Go ahead and add “hardware shopping” to that long list too.

But it’s going to look fantastic when it’s all done and no one will no the hardships we faced to get our house ready.  Unless we tell them.  Which we probably will.

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