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November 6, 2006

Green Drool

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Yup. It was green. Why, you ask? Well, artist Mommy thought Baby Rimes could handle some art time. Mommy and Daddy bought her some JUMBO Crayolas and sat her down at her mini table with some paper, and said, “Go!” Baby Rimes, of course, has done much art in the past few months. Her favorite colors are green and red. While Baby Rimes was busy at her art, Mommy was busy at the big table with hers. Daddy was in the kitchen doing a little post-dinner clean-up. Baby Rimes is contentedly coloring. Until…

“Look, Momm,y what I did!” She exclaims in true baby form (it was actually more like “Bayya Bop!”) and holds up her drawing for Mommy’s approval. “Oh, honey, that’s a lovely pict….AHHH! What is coming out of your mouth!” Yup, you guessed it, green drool. While Mommy frantically looks around for what’s left of the green crayon, Daddy decides that this must be the next post. So here it is, a few teeth marks, soggy wrapping paper, and most of a green crayon left over, is the post about Baby’s green drool. Fortunately, with Mommy’s job, she is well aware of the fact that taking a few nibbles of a green Crayola isn’t going to kill you. It might taste like wax, but it’s definitely not going to kill you.

Unlike the time Baby tried eating her Osaka Orange Sherwin Williams latex paint. But that’s another story for another time.

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