Baby Rimes

November 14, 2006


Category: Playtime – Mommy Rimes – 11:02 am

Even though she already says Mama, Daddy, booberrr (blueberries) and Uh-oh, it’s so much fun when our little Pumpkin head learns a new word and uses it correctly.  This week: ow!  It all started when Pumpkin head started beating Mommy on the head with any hard object, the phone, the remote, toy cars, whatever was at hand.  Of course, Mommy said, “ow, that hurts!” So now, Baby Rimes has taken to hitting herself on the head and saying, “owwww!” or hitting the couch and saying, “owwwww!” or banging her toys on the floor and saying, “owwwww!”  Yes, even the couch has feelings.

As for another new word, she has learned belly button, or rather, bewwy bew. If you ask “where’s Baby’s belly button?!” She responds by pulling up her shirt until you kiss her belly, then hiding it again, and saying, “bewwy bew?” with her hands in the universal “where’d it go” sign.

Very cute.

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