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November 1, 2007

I am a Beautiful Butterfly!

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Our little Baby R has transformed into a charming butterfly. Yesterday, while Daddy was working, we crafted. She helped me bend the wires of these wings. Then, while she slept, I put on the hose and dolled them up a bit.


They were quite simple to make. Two wire hangers-cuz you just don’t use them anyway. A roll of duct tape, and some fancy schmancy stocking toes. I also used some fuzzy eyelash yarn, a fabric marker, and some sequins.

Bend the wire hangers to your satisfaction, straighten out the hanger part and tape together. I used a lot of tape, I didn’t want any pokey parts sticking Miss R in the back during play time.

Put your stockings on there. I hot glued mine to stay put.

Then the decorating begins. I used fabric markers to decorate some veins and whatnot. Plus some sequins, because, if you are going to dress up as a butterfly or a fairy, you just gotta have something shiny.

To cover that big ol’ mess in the middle with the duct tape, you have several options. I used yarn and a crochet hook to cover the butterfly wings, and used some flowers and ribbon on the big fairy wings. Just don’t forget to put the ties on first. For Miss R’s wings, I went with some organza ribbon and just taped it to the middle, then crocheted the yarn over it to hold it in place. On the big fairy wings, it was covered with tulle and flowers. These were all hot glued in place.wings-2.jpg

Ta Da! Now you can fly to your next party and be the fairy nymph/emerging butterfly!

I’ll show ya pictures of us in costume on Halloween later today when I can get them on the computer.

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